Academic Blogs

This is a place to list academic blogs you might be reading and/or writing.

Cultural Studies

Thea's Cult of Pop blog

The Pinocchio Theory

Digital Media
Grand Text Auto

Institute for the Future of the Book

Ethnic Studies
Voicing Indigeneity - put together by some UCSD grad students.
(n.b. a feed from this blog is reproduced on the gradwiki, at voicing indigeneity)

Political Theory
Ars Erotica, Ars Theoretica, Ars Politica


What in the Hell

Larval Subjects

bohemian scientist - reflecting on issues in systems and computational neurosciences, pop science, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and faith. by a UCSD computational neuroscience PhD student.

brain windows - reporting, analyzing and interpreting the latest results in the field of brain imaging technologies, particularly at the levels of systems, circuits, single cells and below. by a UCSD neuroscience PhD student.

neurodudes - at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. by two UCSD and one MIT neuroscience PhD students.

Convergence Culture Consortium

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