Academic Listservs

This page is for academic list servers. It's a good idea to be a member of some of these listservs because they often have calls for papers, conferences announcements and job announcements. Right now this list is primarily Social Science focused but their are tidbits for other disciplines as well.

For less academic listservs, check out listservs for graduate students.

General Social Sciences/Humanities

Chronicle of Higher Education - Not a listserv, but the source for job ads:

H-Net - numerous lists in the social sciences and humanities, includes jobs, conferences, publication opportunities, book reviews, etc. Many specialized lists for specific fields (e.g. American Studies, etc.).

DEAF-ACADEMICS: For scholars in the field of Deaf Studies, or Disability Studies more generally. Also has general discussions regarding deaf people's lives in academia (e.g. discrmination in workplace, ADA legalities).

Cultural Studies/Literature lists

List of the Association of Cultural Studies

List of the Cultural Studies Association (ude.fsu.pmoca.namliam|l-dutstluc#ude.fsu.pmoca.namliam|l-dutstluc)

List of Calls for Papers in English and American Literature - U Penn The English Department at the University of Pennsylvania hosts an electronic mailing list (ude.nnepu.hsilgne|pfc#ude.nnepu.hsilgne|pfc) and website for calls for papers on English and American Literature and Culture. We encourage conference or panel organizers and volume editors to find the largest possible audience for their announcements by posting them on this list and web archive. Announcements can include upcoming conferences, panels, essay collections, and special journal issues related to English and American literature, and can include calls for completed papers, abstracts, and proposals. The boundaries are flexible: all English-language literatures, cultural studies, literary theory, bibliography, humanities computing, and comparative literature (even when not concerned specifically with English or American literature) are within the pale.

Area Studies Lists

Apart from the JSCASC African studies list run out of ucla there are other international lists that also list all ucla, and SoCal (though mainly LA) events. You can get to all the centers and then sign up for whichever list directly interests you through this website.
For near eastern studies list you can sign up directly.

List run by a friend of Olga Kuchinskaya's and is just Eastern Europe stuff and Women's studies is Serguie Oushakine's list. To subscribe, you have to send an email to Serguei himself. (Contact Olga for how to do this.)

Balkan Academic News Network. In order to subscribe send a blank email to moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-snaklab#moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbus-snaklab. To unsubscribe send a message to
moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbusnu-snaklab#moc.spuorgoohay|ebircsbusnu-snaklab. If you would like to change your mailing address, first unsubscribe from the old and then resubscribe from the new email address.

UCLA's African Studies Center listserv - mostly events going on in SoCal, but also has jobs, fellowships, and other opportunities.

UC Berkeley also has an African Studies list (ude.yelekreb.kniltsil|omodrojam#ude.yelekreb.kniltsil|omodrojam , send a message saying subscribe center_for_african_studies) with jobs, fellowships, CFPs, etc.

The International Studies Association has a list, but only for members. Most of the jobs are in political science, but there are some that are in interdisciplinary programs like peace studies and human rights. There are also some very interesting conference CFPs. And you can nominate people for the Grawemeyer World Order Prize.

Science Studies Lists

STS Grad - the graduate student and junior scholar list of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). Jobs, conferences, CFPs, fellowships, other announcements.

Eurograd - list of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. Jobs, conferences, CFPs, fellowships, other announcements. (Lots of cross-postings with STS Grad, but not complete overlap.)

Information/Internet Studies Lists

AIR-L List of the Association of Internet Researchers

CITASA - Computing and Information Technologies, part of the American Sociological Association (The list must have moved, because when I clicked on the link - - I got a message saying there was no such list, but information on CITASA can be found at

Environment Lists

ASA Environmental Sociology Section List

Environmental Studies Caucus List (American Studies Association) To subscribe to the listserv send an e-mail to ude.anozira.vrestsil|vrestsil#ude.anozira.vrestsil|vrestsil with the following message: SUBSCRIBE ENSTUD firstname lastname.

Environmental Communication Network List To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to UDE.RYS.VRESTSIL|VRESTSIL#UDE.RYS.VRESTSIL|VRESTSIL Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the message include ONLY THE FOLLOWING (i.e., do NOT include a signature): SUBSCRIBE ECN firstname lastname (e.g., SUBSCRIBE ECN Rachel Carson)

Performing Arts

The Los Angeles class/audition, performance, or Oni Dance lists:

Listings for mainly local Socal dance performances, auditions, classes and jobs for university dance history and/or practice instructors w/ an emphasis on modern/postmodern dance You can e-mail Maria Gillespie to get on it: gro.ecnadino|eipsellig#gro.ecnadino|eipsellig


The journal new issue alerts: You sign up for journals of your choice and receive an e-mail containing the table of contents w/links to the articles for every new issue. Saves you lots of research time down the road… Many if not all academic journals do this now so you can check the publisher's webpages directly to sign up. If you want journals published by sage go here to sign up


CRTNET - Communication, Research and Theory Network of the National Communication Association (NCA). Jobs, conferences, publication
opportunities, discussions.

ECREA-Mailing list of the European Communication Research and Education Association. Conferences, journals, CFPs, other announcements. (Used to be ECCR.) Email:||aerce

SCMSTV is the Television Studies Interest Group within the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, a professional organization of college and university educators, filmmakers, historians, critics, scholars, and others devoted to the study of the moving image. See also Info on SCMS itself

XMCA mailing list - the mailing list of the journal of Mind, Culture and Activity, published out of the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, UCSD. ude.dscu.rebew|acmx#ude.dscu.rebew|acmx

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