Bienvenida 2007 Ways to Get Involved

WHAT? Bievenida For All Graduate Students (A Welcome Reception and Recognition Dinner)
WHERE? Cross Cultural Center on September 27, 2007 from 4:30-6:30p.

WHY? Do you remember the first time you set foot on the UCSD campus? Did you wish there had been a group of students like yourself welcoming you to UCSD and congratulating you on your accomplishments? The purpose of the Bienvenida for All Grads is to recognize the accomplishments of those individuals who may have overcome unique challenges in order to reach and succeed in graduate school. The event will especially honor incoming and continuing graduate students of color while offering all a warm welcome to the UCSD community.

Here’s your chance! Help incoming students by giving them a proper welcome to UCSD!!!

HOW? We ask for YOUR participation on the Welcoming Committee that will plan the first UCSD Bienvenida for All Graduate Students

If you can give 2-5 hours between now and Sept. 27th, here's what you can do:

Before September 27:

Request funding (draft letter, contact sources, secure index numbers) - 5 hours
Design and print flyer/invite - 5 hours
Seal and Mail paper invitations- 5 hours
Coordinate musical entertainment - 1 hour
Coordinate catering - 1 hour
Prepare sign in sheets, name tags, decorations for Bienvenida - 2 hours
Plan Bienvenida agenda and icebreakers - 1 hour

September 18- Sit at Orientation Table (2 hours)

September 27:

Decorator (< 1hour)
Greeter (1 hour)
Coordinate entertainment and catering (1 hour)


To help, please contact ude.dscu|asgr#ude.dscu|asgr
We will provide you the info you need. Thank you!

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