Car Rentals

Sometimes you just need a car

There are somethings in San Diego that you just need a car for. Say you have a friend coming into town or you want to get away for the weekend. You don't have a car, a bus is not efficient, and a flexcar is just too expensive. Car rentals are the thing for you. You can rent cars in San Diego for very little money, from $10 a day and up. Here are some places to get started looking.

  • is a great place to get started looking for car rental deals.
  • Rent 4 Less near the airport often has good deals: rent a car for a whole week for $100.
  • The Enterprise Rental near the Radison off La Jolla Village Drive has a special. If you pick up the car on Friday and return it Monday you get it for $14/day.
  • The rental places near the San Diego airport have very good deals. It's not uncommon to be able to find a car for $12/day.
  • Rental places often try to get you to purchase insurance which raise the rental rate. Many credit cards offer rental insurance if the rental is paid for with the card. Call your card company to see if you have coverage. The rental agency will try to talk you out of using the credit card insurance by saying it's a hassel but it's not that big of a deal. And you probably won't need the coverage anyway.
  • If you're likely to need to rent a car periodically, you may want to check out Flex Car.
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