Classes To Take

SIO 209: Fall 2007 with Lisa R. Shaffer
The Environmental Science and Policy group (ESP at Scripps will hold a one credit (S/U) discussion forum titled "Mitigation
and Adaptation in a High CO2 World" in the Fall of 2007. The forum is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at UCSD, and the
preliminary topic outline, which will be finalized by class participants is listed below. Each week we will begin by discussing current events,
followed by two complementary student presentations on the topic of the week, and finish with a class discussion. Students are encouraged to
present on topics they are unfamiliar with and use this class as an opportunity to learn about and discuss topics outside their area of
expertise/specialization. We will also invite a invite a faculty member with expertise in the topic to attend and participate in the discussion each week. Students and faculty not registered for the course are also encouraged to attend.

Topics to be covered: climate projection and trends, alternative transportation, green building, food production, price for carbon, ocean
acidification, cost of inaction, protecting habitat, geoengineering

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