Chicano/Latino Concilio's Statement

Chicano/Latino Concilio
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California 92093

April 26, 2007

Provost Allan Havis
Thurgood Marshall College

Dear Provost Havis:

As an organization made up of staff, students, and faculty, the Chicano/Latino Concilio has worked for over fifteen years to transform the culture of UC San Diego and to ensure that the histories and experiences of underrpresented communities be part of the curriculum.

Today, we write to express our support of the Lumumba-Zapata Coalition and its proposed reforms for the Dimensions of Culture course at Thurgood Marsall College. We believe that since its inception TMC has been one of the few locations on campus where critical analysis and a commitment to social justice have determined the pedagogical mission. Any movement away from that original mission potentially could undercut the achievements of dedicated staff and faculty over several decades.

We find the recommendations of the Lumumba-Zapata Coalition to be well-reasoned and very much in the spirit of TMC’s long-standing commitment to critical dialogue around issues vital to communities of color but too often considered to be controversial by traditional scholars.

We trust that you and your staff will engage the members of the Lumumba-Zapata Coalition with respect and openess, and that the outcomes will benefit not only DOC students but the UCSD campus as a whole.


Agustín Orozco
for the UCSD Chicano/Latino Concilio

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