Coffee Shops

A list of coffee shops frequented by UCSD Graduate Students

The Living Room Coffeehouse (La Jolla)
1010 Prospect St
La Jolla, CA 92037

The Living Room Coffeehouse (Hillcrest)
1417 University
San Diego, CA 92103

Cyberbrew (University City)
7770 Regents Rd (in Vons Plaza)
San Diego, CA 92122

Cyberbrew (Pacific Beach)
1001 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

Urban Grind (Hillcrest)
3799 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92103

Chicano Perk (Also an art gallery and performance space)
616 National City Blvd, National City, CA

Clair de Lune (North Park)
2906 University Ave.
San Diego, CA 92104

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