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Dear all:
As a concerned member of UCSD's community, we invite you to learn
more about what's been going on with the LZC's efforts to improve the
quality of the DOC writing program and to stop unjustified TA firings
which are a clear violation of academic freedom and free speech in
our community.
Here are this week’s new posts on the Lumumumba Zapata Coalition’s
‘ImproveDOC’ blog. To read more about these topics, go to:
We invite you to stay tuned to this blog for daily updates.


• Help us make the D.O.C. program as academically rigorous as
• Remind your professors and administrators that students should have
a say in their education!
• Tell the university that they can’t fire TAs solely for exercising
their academic freedom and free speech rights!
Here you will find several things you can do to help make our
campaign a success. The only way we’re going to win this is with your
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2. NOW AVAILABLE: LZC’s Trifold Pamphlet: “What’s Happened to UCSD’s Only College Founded by Students?”

• Download this pamphlet
• Email it to as many people as you can
• Print it, photocopy it, pass it around.
• Help us get the word out about what’s wrong with TMC’s D.O.C.
program and what we can do to improve it.
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** 3. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) endorses the demand to rehire the two ousted D.O.C. TAs**

More good news! The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
(FIRE: has endorsed our demand to get the university
to rehire the two most resently ousted D.O.C. TAs, Benjamin Balthaser
and Scott Boehm.
They have written a long letter to Chancelor Fox and Provost Havis
demanding that they be immediately reinstated and that the university
investigate their non-rehiring (i.e., firing). It provides an
excellent argument for why the firing of these TAs constitutes a
clear violation of academic freedom and free speech.
To read the rest of this post and to download a copy of the letter,
go to:

** 4. TEACH IN #2!: An educational presentation- 'How D.O.C. Got Watered Down,' was a SUCCESS!**

On Tuesday, May 15th, 4pm, the Cross Cultural Center Lecture Hall,
the Lumumba-Zapata Coalition held a public educational meeting to
"get the facts about DOC." The meeting was a success. Many students
and even some faculty attended the event. Everybody who spoke agreed
with our demands and most pledged their support for the LZC.
This meeting was opportunity for people who wanted more information
about what we mean when we say the curriculum was watered down, about
faculty and hiring decisions, and regarding the dismissal of teaching
staff and faculty for their stance concerning the program.
Given the administration's current claim that nothing substantial has
changed and the program is "robust" as ever, we invited the UCSD
community to come and get the truth about D.O.C.
Thanks to all of those who attended!
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