Editing Tidbits

Use this site to offer/request editing info that doesn't yet have a page.

This page is a place to quickly place and request editing info not found on other pages. Consider this a quick reference guide. If you discover a new code, create a new module or learn any tricks please share them here. If you create a detailed outline on how to do something, create a tutorial put it on the tutorials page. If you have a request for a tutorial or some editing info, add a comment. Don't use this page for discussion of an editing problem. For troubleshooting or editing discussions, start a discussion in the forum editing thread.

If you're just getting getting started creating new pages you should check the creating a page tutorial.

Creating a new page

  • When creating a new page, place a comments module at the bottom of your page. It can be used to make suggestions or request info. It also allows users who may not feel comfortable with editing a page to contribute to the information on the page. You can add a comments's module by pasting this syntax to the end of the editor: [[module Comments]].

Editing pages

  • To link to a page already on the put the page name in three brackets like this [[[page title here]]]. Make sure that you check the address bar of the page you want to link to. The title on the page may is not always the page name. The name of the page can be found in the address bar of the brower when you are on that page. It is what is listed after the slash behind the website address. For example the header of this page is "editing reference guide" but that is not the name of the page. The name is editing tricks. You can find the name in the webpage address http://ucsdgrads.wikidot.com/editing tricks

Connecting Pages: connecting pages makes info easier to find and gives pages more visibility

  • Before creating a new page, search the site or check the "list all pages" wikipage. The page you want to create may already exist but under a different name.
  • Add tags to your page. It will help others find your page.
  • If you find a page that connects to yours but a current tag category doesn't describe it, create a tag and add it to both pages.
  • Consider putting page links and website links directly into your page. Or add your page as a page link within other pages. It helps people find.
  • Mark a "parent page" for your page. Then the page will show up in the site map.
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