Flex Car

UCSD has Flexcar!

Flex car is basically a rent-by-the-hour car rental service that has cars in major cities in the U.S. How it works: the cars have certain parking spots in the city. You reserve one close to where you would like to pick up online or over the phone. You get access to the car through your membership card. Drive it around for a while and then drop it off where you picked up. All flexcar memberships come with the following benefits:

  • Free gas. (Use a gas card in the glove box to fill up)
  • Free maintenance. (Taken care of regularly by flexcar.)
  • Free insurance
  • Credit for fill up or washing the car. (Even, though you don't pay for it!)
  • Referral credit. (Before you sign up, find someone with a flexcar account. If you say they referred you then you both get $40 free credit—-that's 5 hours of driving!)

As a UCSD employee (for grads-TA, GA, or RA) you get special benefits through as UCSD plan:

  • 6 free hours a month using on campus cars during business hours (8am-5pm)
  • Reduced hourly rate ($8/hour instead of the San Diego $12 rate)

If you're not a university employee, you can still get the reduced hourly rate as a student but not the 6 free hours/month.

Check the Flex car website or the UCSD Parking website for more info.
There is also a new listserv for university flexcar users. Subscribe here

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