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UCSD Grad Students
General discussion of all things related to being a grad student at UCSD
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General discussion areas for themes that don't quite fit into one of the categories below
1167by sdfa (guest)
12 Nov 2011 01:24Jump!
Anything to do with having or finding a place to live in SD.
591by Honore44Honore44
13 Nov 2018 06:39Jump!
Need to sell stuff? Need to buy stuff? Post it here.
531by Maya (guest)
10 Sep 2012 05:14Jump!
Something new happening that you think might be interesting to grad students? Post it here.
325by DS B (guest)
22 Aug 2011 03:41Jump!
Post and search for current funding and employment opportunites.
311by best gucci sale homes (guest)
19 Aug 2011 01:56Jump!
Yeah, this was stolen from craigslist but it's a good idea. Something great? Something horrible? Unload here.
Community groups within the Grad student community
Any niche groups within the larger grad student community can have a discussion section. Possible groups could be organized around student organizations, departments, interests, ethnicity, sexual orientation, year in program, region of country or world you came from, alma maters, whatever. Contact admin. with new thread ideas.
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Use this place to start off discussion. If you begin to focus on a common thread, contact admin to start your own thread.
135by vibrams five fingers (guest)
16 Sep 2011 15:44Jump!
Discuss all things related to the language meet-ups here: scheduling, event ideas, new language meet-ups, etc.
728by wewe (guest)
03 Sep 2011 06:14Jump!
A place for students new to campus to connect and try to figure out what they've gotten themselves into!
15by azsxaazsxa
05 Oct 2011 07:23Jump!
A place for people thinking about coming to UCSD to ask questions and get information.
13by best gucci sale homes (guest)
19 Aug 2011 01:55Jump!
This space allows UCSD students to participate in the "Dialogues in Sexuality Studies" reading group in a dynamic, online forum. This group is new in the 2008-09 academic year and is an addition to the quarterly talk held at the UCSD LGBT Resource Center. Meeting times and reading materials will be made available here, and discussion threads welcomed both before and after the quarterly reading group meeting. Interested participants are welcome to attend either or both of these "Dialogues in Sexuality Studies" events each quarter.
15by best gucci sale homes (guest)
19 Aug 2011 01:55Jump!
Partner and Family Network
Are you the family member or partner of a graduate student at UCSD? This corner is for you. Use this space to discuss issues like job hunting, planning events, building community etc. Contact site admin. with new thread ideas.
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Use this place to start off discussion. If you begin to focus on a common thread, contact admin to start your own thread.
On the Website
Discussions about features on the wiki and the website itself.
Category nameThreadsPostsLast post
Ask questions about editing, find collaborators for a page, anything to do with editing talk about it here.
Talk about the poll discussions on the home page here. Have suggestions for poll topics? Place them here as well.
219by nfl jerseys (guest)
10 Sep 2011 08:11Jump!
Have questions, comments, or concers about the wiki? Have a wishlist of things you wish were on the wiki? Post them here.

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