Full Moon Drumming Circle

UPDATE*** message from drumming circle council:

San Diego Rainbow Family Update.

From the council on Black's Beach, March 31:

San Diego Rainbow Family events will no longer be posted on the web
or on the San Diego Light Line. Everyone is encouraged to come to the
Sunday afternoon circles in Balboa Park to find out what other
circles and get togethers are happening. Or call the San Diego Light
Line and leave a message. Individuals at the council are encouraged
to contact other websites and ask them to support this decision by
removing any references to the Full Moon Circle.

The Council that met at Black's Beach on the top of the cliffs
reached consensus that the Full Moon Circle at Black's Beach is
canceled starting with the May Full moon until further notice.

Sunday Afternoon circles in Balboa Park High Noon until Dark

Bring musical instruments and your smiles. Please support our circles
when they are called. The circle is what makes the Rainbow.

Directions: Balboa Park adjacent to Marston Point in the Pine Grove
Picnic Area. From the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Laurel Streets
in Hillcrest, enter the park going east on Laurel (which becomes El
Prado). Turn right on Balboa Drive which is the last right before the
Cabrillo Bridge. Follow Balboa Drive as it loops around and look for
family near the Pine Grove Picnic Area and the restrooms.

For more information, contact the San Diego Family Lightline @
619-677-0882 No collect calls please. Messages outside the local area
will be returned collect.


For more info see: http://home.earthlink.net/~scrollinfo/carain.htm

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