OGS Graduate Community Coordinator

The Graduate Commuity Coordinator is a intern in the Office of Graduate Studies. The position was established in 2004-2005. The intern's primary responsibilities are to create programming to build community and foster diversity within the UCSD grad student population. S/he rotates between each of the campus community-centers creating programs and iniatives. The intern is generally at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center in the fall, the Women's Center in the winter, and the Cross-Cultural Center in the spring. The intern can guide you toward campus resources, help you create an event, and help you establish a student organziation.

What does the OGS Graduate Community Coordinator do for you?

  • Guide you towards campus resources
  • Puts on events for graduate students
  • Sit on committees pertinent to building graduate student community
  • Help you host your own event by helping you find funding and locations and publicizing the event.
  • Provides advice on how to start a graduate student organization
  • Set up a listserv for your group
  • Who knows? You have unique interests and need contact the GCC to find out what they can help you with.
  • See the Graduate Community Coordinator's past programs and iniatives

Fun Stuff

  • Check out the Graduate Community Coordinator's blog on the wiki or at http://gcc.vox.com.
  • Pictures from Grad Community Coordinator Events:

-Words of Love: February 12, 2007
-Grad Creative Night: Febrary 8, 2007
-Grad Nite Java Jam: June 8, 2006

Contact the GCC

  • Contact Info. Email: ude.dscu|ytinummoc-darg#ude.dscu|ytinummoc-darg. Phone: (858) 822-4543

Contact the Graduate Community Coordinator directly by using this form:

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