Get the Facts about DOC

On Tuesday, May 15th, 4pm, the Cross Cultural Center Lecture Hall, the Lumumba-Zapata Coalition will hold a public educational meeting to "get the facts about DOC." This will be an opportunity for people who want more information to look with us over the past course content, writing prompts, faculty and hiring decisions, as the dismissal of teaching staff and faculty for their stance concerning the program. Given the administration's current claim that nothing substantial has changed and the program is "robust" as ever, we invite the UCSD community to come for a presentation and question and answer to go over the material with us. DOC is part of a college that was founded by marginalized students and students of color over 30 years ago, and DOC is the central part of that legacy. These changes need to be discussed and addressed in public. Please join us next Tues.


Lumumba-Zapata Coalition

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