Getting Started

Everything you need to know about getting started using the Grad Wiki

Navigating the Site

The Wiki is full of information and it's contantly growing, so how can person keep up with what's here? There are many different ways to navigate the site.

  • The first is the left side navigation bar. This bar has links to many different sections of the the grad wiki.
  • You can also do a search. You can search both the wiki and the forum from any page by using the search bar in the top right corner of every page. There is also a link in the navigation bar: search the wiki pages. This link takes you to a page with another search tool that works exactly the same way as the search box on the top of every page. The page also contains a link to search by category, a link to a list of every page on the site, and a link to the most recent page changes.
  • The categories on the category search page are generated by the "page tags" that people put on the pages they create.
  • Lastly, you can look at the site map. There is a link to it in the navigation bar.

Joining the Site

There are two steps to joining the UCSD Grad Wiki: 1.) Create a wikidot account. 2.) Join the UCSD Grad Wiki via application. After creating an account you must return to the Join page where a text box will have appeared and you can submit an "application". The application process is to prevent spamming, flaming, and other malicious behaviors. For more information on joining or if you're having trouble see the how to join tutorial.

If you want to join the site check out this page, it provides a step by step tutorial on how to join the UCSD Grad Wiki

Contributing to the Site

Once you've joined you can post new threads to the forum. (You can post to existing threads without being a member). You can also create new pages and edit exisiting ones. If you want to start creating or editing pages, you should check out the editing page. It has a quick start guide for those that just want to jump in, there is a "how to create a page" tutorial with useful info for beginning and advance users alike, and there is also the community's editing reference guide. The reference guide is place where everyone can put helpful tips and quick info on editing pages.

For other helpful information, check the tutorials page.

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