Listservs for Grad Students

A collection of campus listservs just for grads on campus

  1. All-Grads. All graduate students are automatically on this list. You can't send a message out yourself over the list but what most student's don't know is that they can info put on there. The list is maintained by the Office of Graduate Studies graduate intern. Send an email to the intern at ude.dscu|nretni-sgo#ude.dscu|nretni-sgo with info about your event or the info you want to send out and it get in the inboxes of all grad students on campus.
  2. Grad-housing-op-l. Housing notices (for rent/looking for roomie) for UCSD graduate students. Subscribing required.
  3. GradWise-l. Listserv for the Graduate Women in Science and Engineerin organization (GradWISE) on campus. Subscribe and view archives here here
  4. lgbt-grads-l. Listserv for those interested in issues concerning LGBT identified students on campus.
  5. blackgrad-l. Listserv for those interested in issues concerning African-American graduate students on campus.
  6. Grad parents listserv. Listserv for grad students with children.
  7. Chinese Student Community (CSSA). Visit page to subscribe and view archives
  8. Daycare-l. Info the campus early education center. Subscribe and/or view archive here.
  9. Funding-announcements-l. Funding opportunities for grad students, post docs, and faculty. Subscribe and view archives here.
  10. IRPS-Alumni-L. Listserv of alumni of the Interntional Relations/Pacific Studies Graduate Program. Subscribe here

Want to creat a listserv?

Contact the OGS Gradute Community Coordinator at ude.dscu|ytinummoc-darg#ude.dscu|ytinummoc-darg. The coordinator can set up a list for you.

There also are a number of academic listservs for various areas of study.

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