Regular Campus Meet-ups

Here are some events that happen regularly on campus that are either just for grad students or have high grad student attendence

  • GSA Quarterly Free for All
  • Blue Monday’s-discounted drinks and food at Porter's Pub
  • OGS Diversity Dinners-quarterlys
  • Friday Lunch at International Center noon-2pm
  • Hare Krishna lunch-wednesdays 11-2pm on the roof of the original students center
  • Scripps Happy Hour-Fridays in the Surfside Lounge
  • Cognitive Science Wine and Cheese: Fridays in Cognitive Science Building Courtyard
  • Che Café-has events every weekend live music
  • Tango Practica-tuesdays at 9pm in the Main Gym
  • Badminton- courts in Main Gym are open friday/saturday from 6-11pm
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