Modules are powerful web widgets that can be embeded in the wiki pages.

Each of the pages below links back to information on the main wikidot page.

Listing and categorizing pages

  • Child Pages — lists children pages of a page
  • PageTree — displays a nested tree of pages connected by parenthood (a way to create a mini sitemap if you are creating multiple related pages
  • TagCloud — creates a customizable tag cloud for tagged pages
  • Backlinks — lists pages that link back to the current page


  • SiteChanges — list recent changes to the site content

Users, members

  • Members — list users within a site
  • SendInvitations — allow all members of a Wiki to send email invitations

News & feeds

  • Feed — imports RSS/Atom feeds from almost any and displays in a customizable way.
  • FrontForum — uses forum categories to create news items to put on the pages and create RSS feeds

Forum & discussion

Page rating

Photos, images, galleries

See also: wiki sytax, embedding code from other services

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