OGS Graduate Student Interns

The Office of Graduate Studies has two funded internship positions for graduate students: OGS Intern and the Graduate Community Coordinator.

OGS Intern

The OGS Intern's primary responsibility is to serve as an administrative liason and graduate student advocate. The intern's primary responsibilities are serving as a conduit of information through the All-Grad Listserv (see listservs) and quarterly newsletter Grad-to-Grad, maintain regular contact with GSA, and coordinate the annual All-Grad Research Symposium.

  • Contact Info: ude.dscu|nretni-sgo#ude.dscu|nretni-sgo
  • Back issues of Grad-to-Grad

Graduate Community Coordinator

The community intern is responsible for creating programming for graduate students in connection with the three campus community centers. This intern engages in retention efforts and campus-wide graduate community building. The position also seeks to help grad students that wish to start an organization or host their own events.

  • Contact Info: ude.dscu|ytinummoc-darg#ude.dscu|ytinummoc-darg
  • Check out the Graduate Community Coordinator's Blog: http://gcc.vox.com
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