Food On Campus

There are a few main places to get food on campus.

First, each college has its own dining halls. Mainly undergrads hit the halls, but if you're feeling nostalgic or just hungry, they're definitely an option.

The Student Center and Price Center both have several options. The options in the Price Center resemble those of a mall food court, for better or worse, although there are a few more interesting/healthy places tossed in.

The campus is also litered with coffeecarts, which typically also serve sandwiches and other light meals. The Mandeville Coffee Cart (aka Art of Espresso) and Cups (near the giant stone bear) are particularly good options.

For a rundown of alternative food places, check out food options on campus. The Krishna lunch remains a popular, affordable option. Finally, you may also want to check out our list of favorite Local Restaurants and the list of places to drink on campus.

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