On Campus Housing

Affiliated Housing

The Department of Housing and Dining Services operates several housing complexes in an effort to provide the greatest degree of flexibility for students selecting their residence. Rents at these places are generally significantly cheaper than other options in the area, although grad housing is not actually subsidized.

There are two main ways of getting into affiliated housing.

  • Students who are already in affiliated housing are sometimes looking for roommates. There a couple list servs and boards up for postings, and some people advertise at the housing complexes themselves.
  • Put your name on the wait list. Honestly, do this as soon as you decide you're coming to UCSD. The wait varies somewhat depending on circumstance - parents with children have priority at Mesa, for instance. It also varies greatly by location - generally Single Graduate Apartments and La Jolla Del Sol have the shortest wait list, while Coast and Mesa take significantly longer. One Miramar is opening in 2007 and will shorten the wait list significantly.

The housing communities you may choose from are:

  • La Jolla Del Sol
  • Single Graduate Apartments
  • Mesa Residential Apartments
  • Coast Apartments
  • One Miramar

Descriptions of each community and further information are available by visiting the housing home page.


T o be eligible for a housing lease, you must be regularly enrolled in a University-recognized degree-granting program and carry at least twelve (12) units per quarter. If you are a newly admitted student, then attach a copy of your offer letter and acceptance to your housing application. Please refer to specific eligibility statements for each community. Additionally, you must have a zero balance due in your University account.

Application Process:

Applications will be accepted only from students who have been formally admitted to UCSD. When you apply for housing you must submit proof of acceptance for admission (or a copy of your current I.D. card). If claiming married, domestic partnerships, or family status, official documents (such as a marriage or birth certificate) are also required.

International House

Some graduate students live in International House. This housing is available to undergrads, grads, and visiting scholars.

Looking for Housing? Join Grad Housing Listserv

See also: Off Campus Housing

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