Essential elements of every wiki page

After completing a new page or when editing an exisiting page, use the following checklist to make that the page has maximum visibility and accessibility. This page uses all of the elements listed below. If you are having trouble including some of the items, look at the source info by looking at "view sources" in the bottom tool bar.

  1. Content: Does the page have all the content that you wish to have in it? Have you proofread it?
  2. Links: Have you included other pages on the wiki and elsewhere on the web that are related to the information you've just contributed. Have you add your wiki page as a link to other wiki pages and websites make your page easier to find?
  3. Parent: Have you chosen a parent page for your page by using the tool bar at the bottom of the page (you can find "parent under the options button.) You need to designate a parent page so that your page appears in the wiki site map.
  4. Tags: Have you included tags for your page so that your page can be categorized with similar pages in the tag clouds and category searches?
  5. Comments Module: Have you added a comments module so that others can leave feedback on the content of your page?

See Also: Complete editing tutorial and the wiki syntax page.

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