Articles Regarding Struggles In Doc

Every effort has been made to include all articles pertinent to the DOC struggles. If you see any major omissions, please contact us at ude.dscu|asgr#ude.dscu|asgr. Thank you.

UCSD Guardian
Dissenting TAs ousted from DOC
Letter to Guardian Editor from Provost Havis
Position of Prof. Schudson (See LZC Reply: LZC Offers Earnest input to DOC)
LZC Offers Earnest Input to DOC
Letter to Editor from Prof. Horwitz
Critique in Action
LZC aims at Reversing Student Apathy
Social Action Absent from Purely Academic DOC Debate (by Cecil Lytle)
Doc Walkout Elicits Promise of Progress:

Inside Higher Ed:

Indymedia:"Two UCSD TAs Fired for Political Reasons"

FIRE:"Students Walk Out at UCSD as Dismissal of TAs Raises Academic Freedom Concerns"

Statement from former DOC TA
Statement from current DOC TA
Statement for current DOC TA-2

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