Raza Graduate Student Association

What is RAZA?

Literally translated into english, 'raza' means 'the race'. However,
the true meaning of raza is much closer to 'the people'. The term was
coined by Jose Vasconcelos in the 1940s. He described 'la raza' as the
product of racial mixing over time (black, white, asian, native
american) into a completely new race 'that had the best attributes of
all cultures'. Since then, it has come to refer to people of mexican
ancestry in the US and "means 'our people' of common Mexican ancestry
the same way a proud U.S. citizen might say 'americans' with the
intended meaning as his/her people of this country, all sharing a
common background."

What is RGSA (Raza Graduate Student Association)?

-A cultural graduate student association at UCSD
-Serves to build a sense of community among RAZA graduate students and friends
-Provides networking opportunities and social activities
-Celebrates our accomplishments and continued presence at UCSD

Bienvenida 2007- This Thursday (click here)

Introducing "GUIDE" (click here)

Free the Jena 6 (Case of High School Students Protesting the White Tree)


Events in Dimensions of Culture (Spring 2007)

The protests begin:
Lumumba Zapata Coalition Revived!
Media and statements:
Articles regarding struggles in DOC
The latest news:
DOC blog and recent events

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