Administrator Welcome

If you've just been added as an administrator congratulations! Administrators have a very important role. It's their job to keep the site running smoothly. Their primary tasks are:

  • Approving new members
  • Maintaining the homepage
  • Ensure that articles are tagged with parent keywords so they end up in the site map (we ask page creators to do this but sometimes they don't)
  • Manage the forum: keep the RSS feed working, add new forum categories as they are requested
  • Check the gradwiki email account at moc.liame|ikiwdargdscu#moc.liame|ikiwdargdscu and respond to questions. We ask that each person that responds to an email signs with his/her name and wiki user name. That way we can keep track of who was dealing with which issues.
  • Add site updates to the wiki development chronicles

Administrators have a few privileges that other members do not:

  • accessing the Site Manager (on the side navigation bar) and all the tools found in it
  • managing the forum
  • accessing the gradwiki email account
  • There are also a number of features that the wiki is registered for such as a statcounter at and the RSS feed at Administrators have access to these.

You can see who the current administators are by looking at the list of members, there's a link on the left navigation bar. Ucsdgrads was the log-in used to create build this website. (It was a mistake really. There was a misunderstanding, think that the account being created was the identity of the website not the user creating it, but anywho.) In the Ucsdgrad profile you can find info on the current administrators and the administrative duties.

Background on site administration

Our goal is to make a site customizable as much as possible. Take a look at Site Manager to explore the options.

When the site was created these were the only things on the site:

  • nav:side - left side navigation menu, edit if you wish!
  • nav:top - top navigation menu, you can edit it to make pull-down menus
  • And the welcome page.

Next was a forum - please see the Site Manager » Forum.

The Site Content license has been set to Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.

Administrators are also strongly advised to look at the documentation section at

As the site grows, make sure you go to the Site Manager » General and set the tags that describe the site. It will be then listed in this tag cloud. This will help more people find the Grad Wiki

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.