Student Center

The student cooperative center (located here) is the home of several excellent student-run coops:
* The Food Co-Op
* Groundwork Books
* The General Store Co-Op

Also located there are:
* KSDT Radio
* The Bike Shop
* The Grove Caffe
* Porter's Pub
* GSA Offices
* The Women's Center
* The LGBT Resource Center
* The UCSD Craft Center

… and a bunch more stuff. It's also where the Krishna Lunch happens.

As you've probably noticed, the Old Student Center is currently in the midst of construction. This is Phase I Iof a two phase project to (in theory) improve this section of campus. Phase I was essentially adding two new buildings; one a lounge and dining area with a women's center above it, the other a meeting room with LGBT center above it. Phase II is more extensive, knocking down and rebuilding a good chunk of the Student Center. Details can be found here.

For the official site on this area, see the university center's website.

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