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If you've been to this wiki site before you know there is tons of information available. You can search and look through all the information on the wiki without joining this site, so why on earth would anyone join? Becoming a member provides extra privileges and more opportunities to participate in the wiki, check out the information below to see what joining the wiki entails.

++Why Join?
Registering gives you additonal access to the website that only members have. You can participate in the disucssion forum, create new pages, and edit exisiting ones. You'll have control over what goes on this site and get to connect with other people. You can also have your own profile page that can help you connect with other wiki members. Creative control and more friends, who doesn't want that? Well, you'll get it when you register. Plus, the registration process is easy and and only takes a couple of minutes.

Who can join?

This group is open to UCSD grad students, their families, partners and anyone concerned about graduate student life at UCSD. The group is private. In order to create or edit pages or participate in the forum, you must register. Anyone can look through the pages without being a member of the site or registering with


So your itching to become a member of this site, right? Apply now! You must first register with, then you can apply to join this site. Wikidot has thousands of wikiwebsites and UCSD grads is just one of them. Registering is the first step that allows you access to all wikidot sites, you must still join the UCSDGrads wiki specifically. When applying, please let us know your affiliation with UCSD. We would like to ensure that this remains a space for the UCSD community. Once you join, introduce yourself in the forum. Connecting with people on the wiki will help to build community both online and offline.

Attention: There are TWO steps to becoming a members of this site: 1.) Register with wikidot to create an account. 2.) Join THIS wikisite.

You need to have a account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

Having trouble joining? Check out this page for the complete steps on how to join and troubleshooting.

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