So much to do just across the border

  • Lively young music scene every night in locals-only café in colonia La Mesa
  • Live locals-only music jam and lively locals-only nighttime
  • Incredible Cuban salsa band at Menealo in Zona Rio
  • Dozens of bars clubs in one tight space in Zona Rio
  • Incredible world music, acoustic, and poetry performances at El Lugar de Nopal.
  • A thriving arts scene that dwarfs San Diego's
  • pedestrian scene every week in colonia Playas
  • Totally excellent brewery of local beer in colonia Centro
  • Movies in deluxe comfort (wide black leather chairs with wide wooden armrests, with wait staff who deliver food and alcohol to you; an elegant smoking-friendly lobby with fancy eateries like sushi and a bar serving well drinks; first-run American movies are shown in English with Spanish subtitles) in colonia Centro
  • Locals-mostly farmer’s market in colonia Centro
  • Lucha Libre (wrestling spectacle, complete with masks and screaming mothers) in colonia Centro
  • Bullfights in colonia Centro
  • Intense red light district in colonia Centro
  • Cemeteries to observe Angelitos or All Saints Day, and Day of the Dead
  • Areas to observe Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Tijuana as well as in Tecate
  • “lunada” all-night full-moon parties on the beaches south of Tijuana
  • Cockfights: city of Rosarito
  • Local rock music festival on the beach near Ensenada
  • Great cheap lobster in Puerto Nuevo, just south of Rosarito
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