Triton Link

TritonLink is where you go to sign up for classes, check on some types of financial aid, and many other similar registrar-type things.

Using TritonLink

You'll need your student ID (A…) and the pin number you've been assigned by the University.

When signing up for courses, there's often some confusion about 291/298/299. 298 and 299 are the Master's and PhD thesis classes; if you're doing research with your advisor you usually want to sign up for whichever is appropriate. 291, 294 and other courses are more along the lines of guided study; a specific project or topic that you go through over the course of the quarter.

You should talk to one of the faculty advisors on gradcom before registering for classes your first quarter. One nice perk about being in grad school; you can always sign up for classes, even if they're full. This means there's no rush to register, but you still need to make sure you're registered for 12 units by the deadline. If you want to take classes outside the department, you have to get pre-approved to do so.

Triton Link is a new, integrated version of StudentLink, with expanded features for students and things for faculty/staff as well.


You need to get a Photo-ID card and pay your fees (if you have not had them paid for you by, e.g. a GSR or fellowship).

  1. Get your picture taken, and get your student ID card. You need this for the use of libraries, to get a bus pass, and for access to the CSE building and other facilities. This is one of the first things to do. You should be able take care of it at the Bursar's Office, located across from the cashier's office. Be sure to take ID when you get your picture taken.
  2. Get a bus pass— this is just a sticker on your student ID card, so you obviously need the ID card first. This allows you to ride the bus for free within a 3-mile radius of campus,

You should have already received a statement from the bursar's office regarding fees. If you have to pay your own fees go to the cashier's office, give them the statement and money. If you do not wish to wait in line you can drop off your check and statement in the night deposit slot located on the north side of the cashier's office. If you have a TAship, you may elect to have the fees deducted from your paycheck in equal amounts. If your fees are paid for by the University, you may need to see ogs (Office of Graduate Studies and Research.)

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