RGSA Volunteer Opportunities

RGSA needs your help in building community and promoting diversity at UCSD.

There are many ways you can help:

-Plan parties! Help plan our much anticipated Annual Bienvenida and Pachanga:
RGSA needs a new party site for Fall 2007- Surfside is no more! Please submit suggestions for facilities to ude.dscu|namesoms#ude.dscu|namesoms
-Update and develop the website
-Take pictures at RGSA meeting and events for our website
-Help establish an official UCSD e-mail account
-Announce community events on our listserve (ude.dscu.namliam|l-dargazar#ude.dscu.namliam|l-dargazar)
-Organize outreach opportunities
-Contribute ideas for a Cesar Chavez month event

We appreciate any time you can offer (even a few hours a quarter).
If you are interested in any volunteer opportunities, please send your name and contact info. to moc.oohay|dscu_ed_asgr#moc.oohay|dscu_ed_asgr (note the underscores in this address-rgsa_de_ucsd)

Thank you for your support!

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