Wiki Development

Chronicle of the development of the site


October 30th: I started the wiki today. I just googled "free wiki" and up came a few options. Carl gave me the idea because he wanted to create one for the comm department. I had a few to choose between but this definitely seems like the most developed. I worked on setting up the wiki until 11:30p. I think I started around 6p.
Set up the basic structure. Created the forum. -Erin

October 31st (Halloween!): The wiki seems like its almost ready to go. I fixed the problem with members joining and now anyone can view the pages. I have a few students that are willing to test drive it. Made Site policy page. Added a "create page" module to the how to edit page. Added a separate search module to search the site. -Erin

November 1st (Toussaint!): Firgured out that the problem with using the wiki on macs is that safari is not currently supported. -Erin

November 2nd: Send out the first round of invitations for people to try out the site. -Erin

November 3rd: Received feedback from a couple people. Fixed the search page. Added tags to all the sites so that people can search by category. I'm going to try to add a tag cloud to the main page so that people can have an idea of what's on the site from their first visit. —Erin

November 8th: Carl added as Administrator —Erin

November 14th: Send out an email to grad coordinators announcing the new listserv to other students. —Erin

November 15th: Had 15 people want to sign up today! I hope this trend continues. —Erin

November 17th: Added a counter to the navigator. It will be interesting to see how many page hits we get. —Erin

November 23rd: So many changes since the last update! Statcounter was added, we are up to 260 visitors a day and the page hit total is over 3000. An RSS feed was added to the forum, you can now get forum updates on Google, Yahoo, AOL and more. Recent forum updates can be found on the homepage now. You can also sign up to receive forum updates by email. Added parent tags to all the pages to create some major categories to put in the navigator bar. Used the parent pages to generate a site map and used the child pages module to create the "check it out categories" to put in the side bar. Took the getting started section off the nav bar and created a getting started page. Basically major overhaul in the organization of the site. The parents tags also created bread crumbs, linking all the pages to the others. —Erin

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