Women's Center

The Women's Center is one of the three campus community centers. It hosts programs and events for faculty, staff and students around issues of gender. It is currently located in the Original Students Center next to Mandeville.

The Women's Center provides support and education on gender issues for students, staff, faculty, and the community. Everyone is welcome to use the facility. Events include speakers, workshops, discussion groups, legal clinics, and other programs. The center's library includes a collection of books, videos, and magazines, including sections focusing on women in academia, women in science, parenting, health, lgbt and multicultural issues. There is a small children's area that parents can use (children must be supervised at all times). The center has a quarterly calendar and runs two listservs (a general listserv and one specifically for women in science). For additional information contact the Women's Center at 965 University Center, (858) 822-0074 or ude.dscu|nemow#ude.dscu|nemow.
Visit the website for more info.

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